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Dear organizers!

The management of the singer SINGRSHA SKAKOVSKAYA invites you to get acquainted with the rider, the fulfillment of the points of which is a necessary condition for organizing and holding a concert of the artist and his team at the appropriate professional level.


Please carefully and accurately check the following requirements. After reviewing the content of this rider, the host party confirms that all actions and expenses associated with the organization of the Artist's concert are provided by the organizer (customer) of the concert, including: rent of the hall, sound and light

equipment, food, security, transfer, advertising and lighting, etc.

If for any reason you cannot fulfill one of the conditions of the rider, please inform the director of the artist in a timely manner. All changes and additions to this rider must be recorded in writing after their approval by both parties.



Payment of the fee to the Artist's team is made at the rate of 50% within a week after the confirmation of the date of the Artist's performance, 50% no later than 2 hours before going on stage. The form and type of payment are negotiated with the group manager.



All questions about the time, place of departure and arrival of the Team, purchase and payment of tickets must be agreed with the Artist's manager.

Round trip tickets for the Team must be sent online no later than 7 days before departure.


If the concert is canceled due to the fault of the organizer, the Artist reserves the right not to return the prepayment.


THE ORGANIZER SHOULD PROVIDE ON-SITE ADMINISTRATOR FOR THE ALL TIME OF THE ARTIST'S STAY IN THE CITY, authorized to resolve any issues related to the fulfillment of the conditions for this rider.

THE SCENARIO OF THE EVENT MUST BE SENT TO THE ARTIST'S DIRECTOR NO LATE THAN 3 DAYS PRIOR TO THE PERFORMANCE. If changes are made to the script previously agreed with the Director of the Artist immediately before the event or during it, the Artist has the right to refuse to make these changes.


Minimum number of persons per flight 2, Emirates airlines; AirAstana or Aeroflot. Other companies are considered only if these companies do not operate flights in any of the directions. The airport must be provided with a VIP exit. Seats on the plane near the emergency exits. Also, the customer needs to clarify the need to obtain visas for arrival in advance.

(the number of the leaving composition of the artist's team is discussed additionally and will depend on the concert program)

(Additional information on organizing an air flight: Choosing an Airline, specifying the time of departure and arrival, must be agreed in advance with the Artist's manager).



(This type of transportation is considered as a last resort, only if it is not possible to purchase plane tickets)

SV or Coupe. The class of the train must correspond to: the corporate category, paid bed linen and meals for the entire journey. In cases where the Artist's team leaves the intermediate station, tickets must be purchased in advance, the seats must be according to the rider. The team must go without "replanting" and other emerging issues.



(in the absence of other types of communication listed above)

If the composition of the Artist's team is minimal, then a luxury Mercedes-Benz car with a neat, experienced driver who knows the route is needed.

If the Artist's team consists of 3 or more people - 1 minibus of a representative class of the Mercedes-Benz V-class brand.

This vehicle must be air conditioned. In the car of the team there must be juices, mineral water without gas.



(airport/railway station):

- 1 passenger car or 1 minibus of a representative class of the Mercedes-Benz brand.

IMPORTANT: The driver must look neat, be polite, not intrude into conversations and not joke, do not turn on loud music and DO NOT SMOKE ANYTHING (cigarettes, vape, electronic cigarettes). There should be no strong odors of fragrances in the car. The driver must drive carefully and follow all traffic rules. The driver must NOT ask for a selfie or ask for video greetings. (!)



The Collective vehicle must be parked and wait directly opposite the EXIT from the Terminal.

A professional polite driver, no one should be in the car except the driver and, if necessary, the organizer of the event! Transport must be equipped with air conditioning.


- Empty luggage compartment!!!

- In winter, the car must be equipped with studded tires.

Transport must be assigned to the artist for the entire duration of the artist's stay in the city. The driver must be informed about the artist's route.



Accommodation and internal transfer,

transport delivery, accommodation, meals (breakfast at the hotel).

For the team: 2 hot meals a day, free choice of menu, absence of strangers in the hall. Catering is organized at the place of stay or near the concert venue. In case of impossibility of catering for the team - daily allowance at the rate of 100 dollars per person (to be agreed with the administrator), and 100 dollars each for the Artist and manager, if present in the Team.



In any case, hot meals for the Artist must be arranged, for example, delivery. (It is necessary to agree on the time, taking into account the wishes of the Artist).

The accommodation of the Artist and the Team at the venue of the event (in the city) is carried out by the Customer.

Accommodation of the Artist and the Team is obligatory in one hotel (only 4 or 5 stars):

1 suite or junior suite with a large double bed, the bathroom must include both a bath and a shower (for the artist), additional rooms are discussed individually (the number of rooms depends on the composition of the Team and is discussed with the manager). Hot water, heating, ventilation systems are required.

The residence time of the team is considered from the moment of arrival to the moment of departure, regardless of the schedule (check-in / check-out) of the hotel.



An artist's performance obligations may be hindered by illness, an accident, a traffic accident, a strike, an epidemic, local government regulations, etc. outside the manager's control. The concert may be canceled due to non-performance by a technical or domestic rider. Postponing the date of the performance must be agreed with the manager, and the organizer is responsible for the full cost of the contract.





If the concert is canceled due to the fault of the host, excluding force majeure, all the money transferred will not be returned.



The artist must provide one heated, ventilated

equipped dressing room, preferably next to the stage. The dressing room must be able to be locked, both inside and out. The toilet should be located not far from the dressing rooms. Make-up rooms should be adequately lit, with mirrors, an ironing board and an iron should be available.

Required Availability: 30 bottles of still water with a capacity of 0.5l with a P.H level above 7.4 STRICTLY, 4 packs of paper napkins, 5 new towels for the WHITE COLOR team - NEW.

Snacks (based on the number of arriving team members): meat and fish in assortment, cheese in assortment, fruits and vegetables in assortment, 2 liters of juice (apple and orange). 6 cans of classic cola. Ice bucket. Green/black tea, coffee, lemon, honey, white and black bread.

Strangers are not allowed in the Artist's dressing room. The dressing room must be fully prepared by the time the Artist arrives. It must be perfectly cleaned and ventilated.


If the concert takes place in an open area, and it is not possible to provide a dressing room indoors, the customer allocates for the artist a separate tent (from an awning) with a minimum size of 5m x 3.5m. The tent must be located in close proximity to the stage. There should ALWAYS be one security guard near the tent. Outsiders, media representatives (if not agreed with the Artist's manager), autograph hunters are not allowed into the dressing room. There should be a bio-toilet in the immediate vicinity of the tent.



Any of your private events anywhere in the world are discussed individually with the Artist's manager.



Any advertising during your stay in the city, during the performance and the concert itself is discussed separately and PAYED SEPARATELY.

Honest feedback about the excellent work of the organizer AS A GIFT!



On the day of the concert, the Artist's technical staff must have unimpeded access to the concert venue for 4-5 hours before the start of the concert, unless otherwise agreed.

The artist is given a minimum of 90 minutes. for the soundcheck. During the soundcheck of the Artist, there should be no unauthorized persons in the hall. The presence of the necessary working personnel is mandatory, incl. electricians, mechanics, etc.

The artist is not responsible for the delay in the start of the concert due to lack of equipment, its untimely installation, power connection in the hall, issues related to personnel, etc., i.e. matters beyond the Artist's control. No equipment may be moved at any time before or during the concert. There should be no restrictions on the volume level of the sound during the performance of the Artist.

At the soundcheck, the group is provided with drinks in sufficient quantities - tea, coffee, juice, warm water with a pH level of 7.4 and above.

GUEST LIST: The customer is obliged to provide the Artist with the opportunity to invite guests to the concert in the amount of up to 10 (ten) people, attributing the costs to his own account. Guests of the Artist may have the right to access the backstage area at the discretion of the manager. Also provide 10 tickets if the entrance is by tickets, provided that the Artist wants to give them to subscribers.



It is important! Immediately before the performance on the stage (near the monitors), there should be five plastic bottles with not cold water without gas p.H 7.4 and above and five waffle towels. Attention! During and until the end of the artist's performance, only the technical staff of the concert, security representatives can be on the stage and behind the console. It is strictly forbidden for outsiders, as well as technicians of other artists, to go there and prepare equipment for the next performance.

The photographer and cameraman who have the right to access the stage must be familiarized with the exits in advance, and introduced to the Artist's Team and security and not interfere with the performance.



The Customer is obliged to ensure unhindered access of the Artist's team members to any point of the concert venue (provide the participants with badges, permits in advance, enter their names in the appropriate list, etc.).



On stage: The artist and his team may have a different composition, depending on the budget of the event and its scale:


Team composition options:

1) Singer + DJ

2) Singer + DJ + 2 dancers

3) Singer + DJ + drummer

4) Singer + DJ + 2 dancers + drummer

5) Singer + DJ + 4 dancers + drummer

6) Singer + DJ + 10 dancers + drummer

7) Singer + DJ + 30 dancers + drummer



The customer has the right to choose the duration of the show, the number of exits and breaks, as well as the format of the concert:


20 minutes (one block)

30 minutes (2 blocks of 15 minutes or one whole)


40 minutes (2 blocks of 20 minutes or one whole)

60 minutes (2 blocks of 30 minutes)

1.5 hours (3 blocks of 30 minutes)


ATTENTION: Depending on the number of team members, the duration of the show and the number of exits, the price of the show is formed for each request.


Minimum stage size: 3x6 meters, for a minimum number of participants.

1) The artist performs with a radio microphone. Connectivity is required.

2) The artist performs to a minus phonogram (Detailed technical rider in a separate file)

3) An artist can perform to a positive phonogram if it is impossible to provide live sound, the price of the show does not change with this format, and all items of a household rider are also required to be completed.



There must be at least four guards in front of the stage and at least two guards behind the stage to ensure the safety of the Artist during the performance.


Performance conditions: Interviews, as well as video and photography during the concert without the permission of the group manager and written permission - are FORBIDDEN !!! All interviews and press conferences must be coordinated with the team manager by prior arrangement.



In the case of a combined concert, the manager must be informed in advance about the composition of the participants of the entire concert, the sequence and duration of the group's performance, at least 5 days in advance, with the signature and seal of the organizer. The Organizer informs the Manager about the features of the scenery, and also takes responsibility for the technical safety of the Artist's team during the performance.

All costs associated with unforeseen incidents are covered by the organizer. The organizer will inform the manager about all special events. effects that will be used in the concert program, as well as during the performance of the Artist. The Artitsta team is allowed to make adjustments regarding the use of these specials. effects during performance. Placement of signs, trademarks, logos of political parties, announcements, as well as posters, banners and other promotional material are agreed with the manager in advance, no later than 5 working days, with the signature and seal of the organizer. The name of the artist in this case will not be associated directly or indirectly with products or services.



By reviewing the content of this rider, the host party confirms that all actions and expenses associated with the organization of the Artist's concert are provided at the expense of the organizer (customer) of the concert, including: rent of the hall, sound and light equipment, food, security, etc. . In case of violation of one or more points of this rider by the Customer, the Artist may refuse to perform without returning the prepayment.

All technical issues must be discussed with the band's sound engineer at least five days before the concert. (Negotiations are required in writing).


Radio - Microphone Shure Beta 87A or Shure KSM9. No cheap Chinese knockoffs! Microphones must be set up by your sound engineer in advance, not "wind up" from feedback, not whistle and be fully functional! The package with new batteries for the microphone is opened by the Artist's manager just before the performance! Krona batteries.



1. Monitor equipment:

1. 1. - (one) independent monitor lines.

1. 2. The monitor line consists of two monitors with a power of at least 500 W.

1. 3. Two 31-band equalizers on the FOH console (BSS, Klark Teknik, dbx).

1. 4. For large halls, as well as concert venues in the fresh air, at least 1000 watts per side are required.


The sound reinforcement system must be built on the basis of the equipment of the following companies: EAW, Dynacord, Turbsound, Meyer Sound, JBL +

2. The total capacity of the system must be at least:

5 kW - hall 300 seats;

8 kW - hall from 500 to 600 seats;

12 kW - hall from 900 to 1200 seats

From 40kW - stadium or sports palace

3. Equalization - one-third octave 31-band two-channel equalizer (Klark Teknik, dbx, BSS).

4. The DJ console is installed in the center of the stalls!

Pioneer CDJ-2000 NXS2 (2 pcs) + Pioneer DJM-900 NXS2


ATTENTION!!! In the absence of this equipment or its partial availability, the organization of a concert is possible under the performance UNDER PLUS, but live performance is NOT! This type of performance does not affect the price of the concert in any way and does not change any of the rider's everyday items.



If there is a video program in the concert!!!

Video projection equipment:

1. Projection screen or LED screen or video screen. Dimensions must be sent in advance, and a video rehearsal must be conducted before the concert. Also, a separate employee from the Customer should be responsible for displaying the video.

2. Video projector.

3. Video signal source (DVD and USB) - installed on the FOH-console. The sound signal is fed to the input of the FOH-console.

General requirements:

- All stage sound and lighting equipment must be in good working order, meet safety requirements!!!

- Light and sound MUST be powered from DIFFERENT INPUTS!

- Tension in a network - 220 +-10v, frequency of an alternating current - 50-60 Hz.

- Complete readiness of the equipment, preliminary switching and preliminary adjustment of all systems are carried out by the receiving party before the start of the Artist's rehearsal.

- During the entire rehearsal and concert, it is obligatory to have at least one qualified specialist on stage, at the video equipment and at the FOH console, able to quickly eliminate any technical malfunction.

- The presence of outsiders during the rehearsal and concert in the hall, on the stage, in the backstage space is NOT ALLOWED.



  • $ 1000 for someone to go on stage without an invitation from the Artist and without a written agreement with the manager 3 days before the concert;

  • 5000$ if the equipment was turned off on the stage or the microphones stopped working;

  • $500 for each hour of concert delay due to the Customer's fault;

  • $200 per hour of late transfer from the Customer;

  • Additional purchase of tickets if, due to the fault of the Customer, the Artist's Team was late for the airport;

  • $500 if a photo and names of someone other than the Artist were put on the poster without the consent of the Team manager;

  • $5,000 if logos of brands that are competitors of the Artist's advertising contracts were put on the poster. All logos must be agreed in advance, before the release of the poster.

  • $ 2000 if comedians or presenters perform on the stage during a break, if any, and do not flatter jokes about the Artist and the show program;

  • $ 2000 if comedians or presenters perform on the stage during a break, if any, and do not flatter jokes about the Artist and the show program;

  • $ 50,000 if there was an attempt on the Artist during the entire stay, as well as the concert itself.



This rider is the primary contractual document in the relationship between the Artist and the Customer. In addition to the rider, the parties sign the schedule of the Artist's stay, which is an addition to this rider. The real rider must be signed and returned to the Artist. Items of this rider that are impossible in specific conditions must be discussed by the Customer with the Artist in advance. The customer confirms that he has carefully read all the points of this rider and is fully informed about all of its points.


SINGRSHA SKAKOVSKAYA are familiar with the conditions of the rider Artist SINGRSHA SKAKOVSKAYA and undertake to fulfill them.


_________________________________ (concert organizer/customer)


_________________________________ (telephone)


_________________________________ (signature)




(this rider must be signed upon arrival of the Artist's team 2 hours before the start of the concert)

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